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Photo of the Week - Spring at Bridal Veil Falls

Colorado is a special state that holds a ton of adventure, and a lot of great memories for me. As a child it became a favorite vacation destination for my family, and as an adult I take every opportunity I can to visit this great state. So much so that, not only did I propose to my wife in Colorado, but we also had our honeymoon in Colorado! With all the great memories and special moments that the Rocky Mountain state has given me, I thought it was only fitting that the first photo of the week should be from Colorado!

Without further ado, I bring you "Spring at Bridal Veil Falls".

Bridal Veil Falls is located in Telluride, Colorado, and is most definitely a worthy attraction if you are ever in the area. At 365 feet, Bridal Veil Falls is the tallest waterfall in Colorado and is home to a hydroelectric power-plant that has been in operation since 1907.

This photo was captured June 7, 2017 near the base of the falls; The recent snow melt added to the spectacular power of the falls. The conditions and location of this shot required a bit of adventure and faith in my gear. The only road leading up to the base of the falls is a steep, narrow, and rocky switchback trail that requires a 4x4 vehicle with low-range (or a decent Hike) to get there; it's a beautiful drive with spectacular views of the valley. We managed to get to the falls about an hour and a half before sunset, shadows were already being cast over the falls, but this gave the opportunity for a good amount of contrast between the foreground ridge and background ridge. This composition was possible due to some large boulders located in the middle path of the water flow, however, due to the extreme amount of mist in the air, the boulders were very slick (hiking boots with good traction are among the most important pieces of gear in the field). The composition was chosen for its strong leading lines and strong foreground that aid in a layered effect in the image. The impact of the photo is further aided by the long exposure that blurs the movement of the water and enhances the visual power of the falls. The heavy mist from the falls added to the complication of getting the shot, after only 5 minutes at the chosen location, the camera was very wet!

The gear used for this shot includes: a Fujifilm X-pro1 camera, Samyang 12mm f/2 lens, Haida Pro II 10 stop ND filter, a tripod, and Lightroom for editing.

The 12mm Samyang lens is a super wide lens that enabled me to fit all the elements into the image, including the rushing water in the foreground, the falls, and the blue sky. The Haida 10 stop ND filter is a dark piece of glass that screws onto the front of the lens and enables me to use long exposures in bright light, this helpful article helps to explain ND filters, http://www.imagen-estilo.com/Articles/Filters/nd-filters-explained.html. And for those that are curious, the shot parameters were ISO 200, aperture f/11, and shutter speed of 30 seconds.

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