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"About" Photo by Keurcien Luu


Hello, and welcome to Daniel Mullins Photography!

Photography has been a long time passion of mine. I can still remember the fascination I felt when I was a kid seeing my dad with his SLR camera, "what did all the dials do, and what did the numbers and markings on the lens mean?". As I grew up, I continued to express an interest in photography through Kodak single use cameras. Finally, in 2004 I bought my first digital camera, and there was no going back!


Since those days I have had the opportunity to photograph many beautiful destinations, and amazing people. My background in landscape photography has taught me not only how to frame an image for maximum effect, but also how to "read the light" of a scene. Through my camera, I strive to show others the wonders of our natural world, and the poetic rhythm of the people on it.


Every wedding, bride, and family is unique in how they interact with the world. using photography, i am here to help you celebrate what makes you unique! I offer wedding packages that include bridal sessions, and consultations so that I can learn what makes you special. I want to document all the nuances of what makes you who you are; from decorations, the way you smile at your loved ones, and how your family and friends interact. The results are photographs you will be proud to share with loved ones and that will be cherished for a life time! Wedding and Bridal sessions can also be booked separately for your convenience, you'll still get the same attention to detail however you decide your path!


Let Daniel Mullins Photography capture your unique moments by booking an appointment today! Questions, concerns, or a shout-out? Feel free to contact me:




Servicing Houston, Austin, and East Texas. 



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